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Pricing Guide

Standard Tier

Standard Size
3.5 - 4 inches
rolled to 5/16"

per dozen

Up to SIX designs

  • a blend of simple & detailed designs to create a balanced look

A variety of techniques are used, including florals, airbrushing, metallics, detailed lettering, some watercolor, various textures & multi level layering.

Mini Tier

Mini Size
2.5 - 2.75 inches
rolled to 5/16"

per dozen

Up to THREE designs

  • simple colors

  • simple details

  • simple lettering

  • minimal look

*due to their nature in size, minis are limited to simple designs. No characters or intricate logos

I require a two dozen minimum on all custom orders. Once the two dozen is met, the amount of cookies you need does not have to be exact (for example, 30 total). Minis can be added to standard orders by the dozen. My signature vanilla recipe is soft and buttery, paired with vanilla royal icing. Additional flavors are available. 

The pricing guide corresponds to the level of details and designs. Adding elements like characters, metallics, intricate logos, very elaborate or additional designs will raise the price.

Please note:
Because of copyright laws, I will not create replicas of licensed characters, sports teams, or university logos without client first obtaining permission in writing. However, I am more than willing to design inspired sets, incorporating details from those themes.

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